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Workshop Report: Aptitude Development Session by Mr. Ramanuj Mistra
DATES AND DURATION – September 29, 2023

Relevance of Aptitude Today:
Mr. Mistra initiated the session by delving into the importance of aptitude in the current professional scenario. He explored how aptitude development continues to play a pivotal role in shaping successful careers.

The advisability of Going Abroad for an MBA:
A key focus of the workshop was the discussion on whether pursuing an MBA abroad is advisable. Mr. Mistra shared insights into the growing opportunities within India and questioned the necessity of going abroad for management education.

Progression in a Course:
The participants were guided through the significance of showcasing progress in educational pursuits. Mr. Mistra emphasized the importance of actively engaging in courses, participating in competitions, and organizing events to demonstrate continuous growth.

Building a Strong Profile:
The workshop addressed the multifaceted aspects of a strong profile for MBA admissions and job applications. Mr. Mistra highlighted qualities such as innovation, leadership, impact, and initiative as critical elements sought by both companies and educational institutions.

Insights on Master in Management (MIM) Course:
Mr. Mistra provided valuable information on the Master in Management (MIM) course, emphasizing its 10-12 months duration. The participants gained insights into the structure and potential benefits of the program.

Going Abroad vs. Staying in India:
A key takeaway from the workshop was Mr. Mistra's perspective on pursuing education abroad. Contrary to popular beliefs, he argued that India is rapidly advancing in various domains, offering ample opportunities for career growth. Participants were encouraged to weigh the pros and cons of international education against the evolving landscape of opportunities within the country.

Importance of Profile in MBA Admissions and Job Applications:
Mr. Mistra underscored the significance of a well-rounded profile. He detailed how aspects such as innovation, leadership, impact, and initiative contribute to a compelling profile that stands out in the competitive landscape of MBA admissions and job applications.

Internship Opportunities:
Internships were highlighted as pivotal experiences for undergraduates. Mr. Mistra shared information on government internships available in esteemed institutions like NITI Aayog, RBI, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Law and Justice. These internships, he explained, not only provide valuable exposure but also enhance one's professional standing.

Interactive Q&A Session:
The workshop concluded with an engaging question-and-answer session. Participants had the opportunity to seek clarification on various topics discussed during the session, fostering an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

Speaker’s Profile

On September 29, 2023, Mr. Ramanuj Mistra, a distinguished professional with a background in agricultural technology and post-graduation from IIT Kharagpur, conducted an insightful workshop on aptitude development. Mr. Mistra, was director of PRAXIAR INC., shared his expertise on various topics, focusing on the relevance of aptitude in the contemporary landscape.

Educational Background:
Mr. Mistra's academic journey began at GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, where he completed his undergraduate studies. His pursuit of academic excellence led him to IIT Kharagpur for post-graduation, reflecting a commitment to both agricultural sciences and technological innovation.