Fee Structure

1. Fee Structure & Deposition Schedule:

The total Institutional fee for the 2-year MBA program for batch admitted in 2019 is Rs. 8 lacs i.e. Rs. 4 lacs per annum.
The fee structure for academic year 2019-21 is given as below:

Fee (per annum) Fee Deposition Schedule every year
Term-I Term-II Term-III
Tuition Fee (3,20,000/-) 1,20,000/- 1,00,000/- 1,00,000/-
Development Fee (80,000/-) 20,000/- 30,000/- 30,000/-
Total Institutional Fee (4,00,000/-) 1,40,000/- 1,30,000/ 1,30,000/-
Hostel Fee# (1,24,000/-) Optional 44,000/- 40,000/- 40,000/-
Study Material## Fee – Rs. 15,000/- to be taken separately in Term-I of every year.
Caution Money - Rs. 10,000/- (One time deposition at the time of registration and refundable after completion of the program)

# Including boarding & laundry;

## Cost of study material, books and also access right to Harvard Business School site, for case studies.

(b) You are required to deposit Rs. 50,000 on receipt of admission offer to secure your seat. Please also submit Rs. 40,000/- (for Term-I) if desirous of taking hostel facility. You may make a combined Demand Draft of Rs. 90,000/-. You may choose any one of the following option as per your convenience:

  1. Through Demand Draft in favor of "Jaypee Business School" payable at 'Noida/Delhi'. OR
  2. Through RTGS/NEFT as per the details:
    Account Name: Jaypee Business School; Account Number: 200102000000286; Bank Name: IDBI Bank Ltd.; Branch: Sector-63, Noida; IFSC Code: IBKL0000200, Account Type: Current Account.

    Do not forget to mention your name and your father’s name while transferring the fees and send the full details to Mr. Brijesh Biswas, Accounts at brijesh.biswas@jiit.ac.in with your Unique Reference Number (URN).

(c) The balance fee for Term-I Rs. 90,000/- (Institutional Fee), Rs 15,000/- for study material for Academic Session 2019-20 shall be payable on the day of registration i.e. June 27, 2019. Fee for TERM-II & III shall be payable on the registration dates as per academic calendar of JBS.

(d) If you do not register on the specified date i.e. June 27, 2019 you will have no claim on the seat and Institute shall forfeit the same.

2. Refund Policy

If a student leaves the program, fee shall be refunded as per UGC D.O. Letter No. 1-3/ 2007 (CPP-II) dated 6th December 2016 as below:

S. No Percentage of refund of aggregate fees* Point of time when notice of withdrawal of admission is served to University
1 100%** 15 days before the formally notified last date of admission, i.e. 30th June 2019
2 80% Not more than 15 days after the formally notified last date of admission, i.e. 16th July 2019
3 50% More than 15 days but less than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission, i.e. between 16th July 2018 to 30th July 2019
4 00% More than 30 days after formally notified last date of admission, i.e. 31st July 2019
* (Inclusive of course fee and non-tuition fees but exclusive of caution money and security deposit).
** 10% of the aggregate fee for one trimester shall be deducted as processing charges.
Fees shall be refunded to an eligible student within 15 days from the date of receiving a written application from him/her.
Further, it may be noted that the hostel charges shall be refunded on pro-rata basis (calendar month based deductions - part month stay treated as full month) starting from the date of occupying the hostel seat.

* Inclusive of course fee (Tuition fee and Development fee of the Trimester) but exclusive of caution money and security deposit.