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Business and Economics Hub

JIIT Economics and Business Hub endeavours to create opportunities and a learning platform for student community at JBS/JIIT for co-curricular events related to contemporary happenings in the Business Management world.
For this purpose the Hub has organized webinars guest lectures, panel discussions, debates, poster making competitions and has recently begun to organize an annual management-game based event named “JBS Manager of the Year”.
Furthermore to improve presentation skills, communication skills and the ability to link contemporary business events to concepts taught in class the hub has started “Business Buzz” series in 2022 after the University opened in the post pandemic world.
We sincerely hope you participate in the activities conducted by the hub and also bring to the table innovative event ideas to execute, so that students and participants involved can sharpen their business acumen and make their stay at JBS/JIIT eventful and memorable.

Some of the activities that JIIT Economics and Business Hub has organized are listed below:

Sr. No.

Date of the Event

Name of the Event

Brief Description


03 March 2020

Business Quiz

The Business Quiz Competition JBS, Noida has been organized as an innovative, interactive program to facilitate a copious flow of knowledge and ideas packaged in exciting rounds. Learning through management quizzing is fun and goes beyond the traditional bounds of management students.



31 Jan 2020

Debate Competition "AI - Boon or bane for humanity"

The aim of conducting this debate competition was to provide a platform to the students for showcasing their skills and talent. The Topic for the competition was "Artificial Intelligence: Boon for Humanity?". Winners received a cash award of Rs. 3,000/-(Best Team Prize)and Rs 1,500/- (Best Debater Prize) respectively.



6 March 2020

Guest Lecture - "Design Thinking for Management Professionals"

Ms. Kalpana Sinha discussed the development of design thinking and how to insert disruption into thought processes to spark creative ideas, and also gave some great insights into creativity and innovative thinking. She explained why design thinking is important and what does it require to become a successful entrepreneur.


20 April 2020

Indian Economy during COVID 19 times.

The webinar focused on ongoing fluctuations in Indian Economy during COVID 19 times. The speaker discussed the different aspects of business and economic scenarios that students can capitalize for new opportunities in the industry in the post COVID-19 era.



23 April 2020

Maintaining Quality in Teaching Learning Practices when Imparting Online Education

The webinar focused on maintaining quality in Teaching Learning Practices, when imparting online education. The speaker discussed the different aspects that students can consider to learn and gain from online education and capitalize opportunities in the industry in the post COVID-19 era.



4 May 2020

Application of Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence in the Industry

The webinar focused on Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence and its application in the Industry. The speaker discussed on the various facets of business analytics including Customer Analytics, Financial Analytics and Fraud Analytics.


23 June 2020

Entrepreneurial Journey of Anubhav Mittal (JBS Alumni)

The objective of the talk was sharing the entrepreneurial journey how his passion turned into a profession and reality. The challenges, limitations and the driving forces to start a business were discussed. The entrepreneurial process of new business creation starts when a business opportunity is discovered or created by nascent entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs' autonomous, innovative, and improvised actions throughout the entrepreneurial process consist of the entrepreneurial journey.


12 May 2020

Impact of Covid-19 on Businesses

The objective of the talk was to share the speaker’s view about the impact of Covid-19 during on Small and Medium Businesses. SMEs were severely impacted due to the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.


18 May 2020

Decoding Leadership: The Mahabharata Way

The objective of the talk was to relate the leadership theories in context of Mahabharata and how all the characters in Mahabharata are representing the employees in organization and the talk highlighted on the characteristics of leadership and its importance in today’s era. The leader should possess the ability to utilize each member potential to the maximum. In Mahabharata, when Arjuna and Duryodhana went to Dwarka to ask on whose side Krishna and his battalion would be in the war, Arjuna asked for Krishna unarmed than his army because he knew Krishna had the power of strategy.


23 October 2020

2-Day Seminar on Disruptive Marketing

This immersive seminar focuses on key conversations envisioned to drive businesses forward and influence the future of marketing. The seminar promises participants a greater understanding in the breadth of marketing technologies and how businesses can effectively assimilate them into their marketing strategy and operations. Attending this workshop will give participants insights into how managers and strategists successfully gain customer trust and seize the opportunities during these extraordinary times.


28 Jan 2021

Panel Discussion on Marketing “Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”

Dr. Vinay Sharma stated that Marketing is the activity of showing and advertising a company’s product in the best possible way, by collecting resources from all around the world linked with Four P’s (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) and also with distributing and delivering the new innovative and design thinking ideas in terms of elements of marketing such as targeting, positioning etc. Fundamentally & radically market researchers think and choose a chord and it can be chosen from Marketing Innovation only. Ms. Anchal Kaushal, the head of customer marketing of DIAGEO which is an Alcohol Beverage Company, spoke about how they do marketing in alco beverages and changing shades of marketing in alco beverages. So, she stated that Alcohol is a celebrating drink, and how their brand is affordable, reliable, accessible to the consumer. They give a reason to consumer to buy the product and how their beverages are better than competitors as every product has its own beautiful story to tell. Correspondingly Mr. Rahul Balyan spoke about how to communicate to consumer about your product, to achieve a sale. He highlighted two ways of marketing that is Messages and Medium in which they show features and benefits of their product to consumers and connect those features at their emotional level and they also directly get connected to consumers through Mass Media, Social media, Personalized media. Basically their main perspective is helping to reach their customers; achieved sales in changed environmental and sophisticated consumer needs.


22 Jan 2022

‘Mahabharata Meets PUBG’: Business Quiz 2022

In order to enhance the knowledge and awareness about the business world and to give students a break from traditional classroom learning, Business Quiz 2022 was organised on the latest developments in the corporate sector. Technology can act as a facilitator by bringing innovation to quizzes and ensuring active participation among students. Besides broadening knowledge horizon, and exploring new skills at an early age, such quizzes provide interactive platform for participants to gain knowledge, seek opportunities to excel beyond academics and secure their future.  Since questions are based out-of-syllabus and require critical thinking and extensive research, students get into the habit of innovative learning from an early age. It also gives them an opportunity to hone their teamwork skills. Such quiz events bridge the industry-academia gap and prepares the students for the corporate arena by making them privy to industry knowledge. JBS plays a pivotal role by organising quizzes to give students much-needed early exposure to make them skilled and job-ready. Quizzing is not just about GK, but about connecting the dots, reading between the lines and arriving at a conclusion. The content of the quiz focused on enhancing logical reasoning and critical thinking of the participants.


15 July 2021

Panel Discussion on “Building Personal and Organizational Resilience”

The objective of the talk was to make students aware about the contemporary meaning of the word resilience, in these changed times, which is completely different from the dictionary meaning. The esteemed panelists shared their experiences and ideology about being resilient personally and as a part of an organization.


20 January 2021

Poster Making Competition

: To mark the Republic Day, a day to honour the Constitution, the rights we enjoy, our sovereignty and diversity, a poster making competition was organised on a very contemporary theme of Aatmanirbhar Bharat. Self-Reliance is inherent in India’s very history and persona, and now this has become the most essential survival skill during the pandemic. It is this attribute of our country which made us the world leaders during these tough times. The world now counts on and look up to India as an example for combating and conquering the virus.

To foster new thoughts on the age-old mantra of self-reliance and to reinforce its relevance today, students were given an opportunity to put their imagination on the canvas using their creativity for designing vivid pieces of artwork. The organizers also added a digital flavour to the competition through a separate category of Graphic Design Posters.


18 April 2022

Manager of the Year

This is a event that tests participants via quizzes and games that involve testing creativity and management knowledge of a participant. The event lasted for multiple days and based on points calculated 1 student was anointed the Manager of the Year.


8 April to 20 May 2022

Business Buzz Weekly Event

This activity sharpened the presentation skills of the students who were given topics of contemporary nature and related to the current business environment and were supposed to generate and deliver presentations on the topic and answer any questions from the audience.


23rd November 2022

Inter- College Art Competition – Topic “17 Sustainability Development Goals/ 17 SDGs”

The main aim of this competition was to motivate students to express their feeling through colours and pictures. Moreover, as it was an inter college competition it gave exposure to the students of JBS to communicate and socialize with students of other universities and colleges. It also gave an opportunity to the management team of the competition to work on their managing and organizing skills.

Some Memories from Past events