JBS often organizes Seminars and Guest Lectures to add to student’s learning. The students find these interactive sessions both interesting and knowledge filled. JBS invites stalwarts from the industry to give students knowledge-rich guest lecture sessions.

Title of the TALK/SEMINAR:Session on Converting Innovation into a Start-up

Dates and Duration: 22 August 2023 (1 hour 30 minutes)
Speaker’s name: Mr. Kamal Chhabra.


Title of the TALK/SEMINAR: "Power of Positive Mindset

Dates and Duration: 28th October, 2023
Speaker’s name: Mr. Amit Pandey(CEO and Board of Director of PinCap)


Title of the TALK/SEMINAR: Attributes Need to Excel in The Dynamic Business World

Dates and Duration: 4th November, 2023, (2 hrs)
Speaker’s name: Ms Sujoya Chatterjee, DGM- Global Sales