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Social Commitment of the Group

The Group has always believed in "growth with a human face" and to fulfill its obligations it has set up Jaiprakash Sewa Sansthan (JSS), a 'not-for-profit trust' which primarily serves the objectives of socio-economic development, reducing the pain and distress in society.

For over 5 decades now, Jaypee Group has supported the socio-economic development of the local environment in which it operates and ensures that the economically and educationally challenged strata around the work surroundings are also benefited from the Group's growth by providing education, medical and other facilities for local development.

The Group also undertakes Comprehensive Rural Development Program (CRDP)which covers a wide range of projects such as free medical camps, health check-ups for village school children, literacy campaigns like Balwadi's for young boys and girls, safe drinking water supply, creating huge water reservoirs in different villages, self employment which includes tailoring classes for women and animal husbandry. Some other important activities undertaken include the renovation of old temples, other schools and hospital buildings in the adjoining adopted villages.

JSS has translated its social responsibility into reality by building up schools and training institutes that cater to the needs of providing quality education to the rural masses. The trust also helps in times of natural catastrophe to reach the affected communities in distress.

Anoopshahar, Rewa, Bhuj, Sidhi, Kevadia, Baga, Chitta, Dalla, Chunar, Churk, Gurma, Samirpur, Guna, Sholtu, Solan, Chandpur , Singrauli, Bina, Dankaur, Tomri, Noida and Greater Noida are the places where Group has built 34 schools, 5 ITI's, 1 Polytechnic, 1 Advanced Skill Development Centre, 1 PG college, 1 B.Ed college and 3 universities catering to learning of over 30,000 students across all spectrum of the learning curve.

Primary to Higher Secondary

Industrial Training Centre's

PG & B.ED. College

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