Life @ JBS Social Media Club

Social Media Club

Life at the JBS Social Media CLUB Weaving the JBS Story Across Platforms

The JBS social media team is a vibrant hub where creativity meets strategy. We're a passionate group responsible for crafting the online narrative of JBS across various platforms – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube. Our mission? To showcase the JBS experience and connect with a diverse audience.

Content Magic: Keeping Our Audience Engaged

On Instagram and Facebook, we've discovered the power of relatable content. Our top-performing reels highlight the beauty of the JBS campus, featuring the iconic Ram Mandir, stunning cinematics, and the newest student hub. We also sprinkle in fun student-made reels, fostering a sense of community. One of the things we take pride in is our comprehensive event coverage. Whether it's the vibrant Ethnic Night showcasing diverse cultures, the mouthwatering Jaypee Bonanza'23 food festival, or any other conferences or events, we capture the energy and excitement to share it with everyone online.

LinkedIn and Twitter is our platform for showcasing JBS's academic prowess. We share captivating campus cinematics that capture the energy of the institute, alongside posts highlighting the workshops and events that equip students with valuable skills.

We recently embarked on a YouTube journey, where we successfully live-streamed the ICAMT conference and we will be sharing captivating campus cinematography videos, highlight insightful workshops conducted at JBS, and showcase the diverse opportunities JBS offers.

*Beyond the Posts: Collaboration is Key*

Managing multiple platforms requires seamless collaboration. We work closely with different departments at JBS to curate content that resonates with our target audience. Whether it's capturing a workshop session or featuring student achievements, we strive to paint a holistic picture of JBS life.

The JBS social media team thrives on interaction. We love responding to comments and messages, fostering a two-way dialogue with our audience. We're constantly seeking new ideas and welcome suggestions from students, faculty, and alumni.