MetooMovement Debate

Organizing Person – Prof.  Shriram Purankar

Brief About the Activity - - Hello Viewers !

We recently woke up to the METOOMOVEMENT spreading like wildfire and everyday a new name was dragged to the list of the accused.

So today we have a panel of 7 MBA students (Batch 2017-19) here to discuss on the very same topic #MeTooMovement. 

We had this Debate coordinated by @Esha Singh & Anilender Tyagi under the supervision of Prof. Shriram Purankar.

As the participants we had Namami Taneja, Ayshu Khanna, Amit Prakash, Prapti Kapoor, Shourya Dam, Ashaa Prajapati Daksh & Shruti Trivedi.