JBS hosted an Open House on 16th May 2015

The Jaypee Business School- a constitutent of JIIT University NOIDA -  today announced many initiatives for the aspirants for the year 2015-17 batch of MBA  students. These include setting up a Media Centre for Training, Research and Education- MCenTRE,  an initiative to teach real time economy and connect the industry with the institution.

"The industry faces  a dearth of "job ready" managers from educational institutions. So we have designed a learning centre within the JBS which will provide the industry with skilled managers for sector specific needs.  This is an educational innovation at the intersection of media and business,"said Pankaj Pachauri, the new director at the JBS.

Speaking at an Open House for prospective students, he underlined the essentiality of connecting students to traditional and new media as an educational tool in understanding and managing businesses. "Media, specially the new media, has become an integral part of managing any business today, if we can enhance the understanding of media among the students, they can deftly face challanges in dispensing their managerial duties in real world of business”, he added.

The MCenTRE will also partner with industry, undertake projects and prepare reports on the media universe of retail, marketing, finance, technology, human resources and prepare dynamic datasets on media and related industry. “With India emerging as the third largest market for social media platforms, there is an urgent need to inquire and interpret its impact on the businesses. We are hopeful that besides our students, the industry will also benefit from this effort”, Mr Pachauri said.

The Jaypee Business  School is a part of the not for profit educational establishments of the JAYPEE Conglomerate, a Rs 20,000 crore turnover group spread across the country. More than 40,000 students are currently studying in the Jaypee Group institutions boasting world class infrastructure, faculty and staff.