Dr. Sujata Kapoor, Area chair Finance at Jaypee Business School has authored a book titled Behavioural Finance published by Sage Texts

Dr. Sujata Kapoor, Area chair (Finance) at Jaypee Business School has authored a book titled "Behavioural Finance" published by Sage Texts. It is a comprehensive and well-structured textbook that provides a concrete foundation of the most essential elements of behavioural finance and related biases in a simple manner. Designed as a core textbook for the students of finance,Behavioural Finance discusses the theoretical concept about the intricacies of investment behaviour in the dynamic environment of financial markets. It explains the role and impact of psychological biases and sociological influences underlying the financial behaviour that affects both individual and institutional investors. Through the use of case studies and real-life examples primarily from emerging economies like India, the book explores the psychology of individual investors and market experts such as financial analysts and portfolio managers. It discusses how key market players make decisions and shows that every behavioural inconsistency can cumulate to market anomalies.
The highlight of this book is the inclusion of contemporary issues such as the role of weather, emotional state of mind, religion, and culture in investment decisions and the emphasis on upcoming areas in this discipline such as neurofinance and emotional finance. We JBS, Noida family congratulate Dr. Sujata on a wonderful achievement.