JBS, Noida organized a Special Session on Managing Enterprise Systems ERP & SCM for all MBA Students

Speaker  Mr. Abhishek Jain, Senior Delivery Leader
Title of Presentation  Managing Enterprise Systems  ERP & SCM

Under the Leadership Connect Series, Jaypee Business School  JBS, Noida organized a Special Session on Managing Enterprise Systems  ERP & SCM for all MBA first year students and the MBA 2nd Year students specializing in Operations Management. The session, held on 21st October 2019, was conducted by Mr. Abhishek Jain, Digital Transformation Leader at a French IT major company.

Mr. Jain apprised the students about ERP market scenario and the career opportunities available in the field. He gave a brief on the major ERP players and the roles of functional and technical consultants during an ERP project implementation. The increasing penetration of cloud based solutions as compared with inpremise solutions has shifted the job markets. He gave the knowledge about the Industry 4.0 which was the most interesting part of the session. He highlighted the fact that technology and automation is not going to take the jobs away, but it is going to change the roles. The students also gained knowledge about prevalent trends in the industry
The guest speaker was welcomed by Prof. Rajnish Mishra, Head of Academics, JBS. He stressed on the fact that in the changing world dynamics, IT skills are going to be mandatory and essential for each and every kind of role and each and every kind of industry without exception.
The session ended with a Q & A session and vote of thanks presented by Dr. Vishal Gupta, faculty IT and Operations. Dr. Gupta again reminded the students the insight provided the speaker that the changes in job roles are evident and most of the routine, monotonous, nonvalue adding roles are going to disappear from the jobs markets.
The students had a good interactive and learning session with the expert and they are looking forward to more such interactions.
Venue  JBS, Noida
Date – 21st October 2019