MDP on Leading for Business Excellence Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra

MDP on Leading for Business Excellence
during 16-18 March 2023
On Day 2 - Session 1 – began with Understanding Self on Managing Stress and its consequences was conducted by Prof. Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra, where he mentioned that the face is the first mirror of stress and destress. How personality and stress experience is interlinked. The challenge before a leader is to maintain patience to guide their followers. 
Session 2 – was taken by Dr. Ruby S. Malhotra to highlight the different aspects of team and team roles along with the importance of leadership credo for becoming an exemplary leader. 
Session 3 – Prof. Misra guided the participants to Conflict Management Styles and Leader Attributes and efforts required by each one to imbibe and practise those behaviours / attributes to become a successful leader. 
Session 4 – was conducted by Dr. Divya Goel, how empowerment culture makes the employees take the ownership of the work which doesn't even belong to them. As a leader, how to empower your people to become successful leader.