Interaction with JBS Alumni from Gerson Lehrman Group

JBS invited Deepti Chadha, an alumnus for addressing the students in October, 2016.Deepti Chadha is currently working as a Global Recruitment Specialist at Gerson Lehrman Group and is part of the pioneer batch at JBS. Her session taught the students about how to brand oneself effectively on social media via LinkedIn. She discussed various functionalities of LinkedIn and how they could be leveraged by a fresher in order to make him/her visible to a recruiter. Deepti brought her experience as a recruiter and helped students highlight their profiles. She made them aware of various important components of a good profile ranging from the importance of a good profile picture and the need for endorsements and recommendations. She emphasised on growing ones network by becoming associated with various industry groups and ones favourite brands and companies so that one can stay up to date with the happenings affiliated to them. Her session was extremely interactive and informative and the JBS family will always remain grateful to her for the time she spent on campus.