MDP on Leading for Business Excellence Prof. Sunil Bhatia

Event name: MDP on Leading for Business Excellence 
During 16-18 March 2023
Day 1 - The inaugural session kick-started with a welcome to dignitaries, participants, faculty members, and students. Prof. Sunil Bhatia, Professor in Finance in his address talked about the importance of corporate culture in improving an organization which increases the bar of organisational excellence. Later on, Prof. (Dr.) Rajnish Kumar Misra, Programme Director of MDP & HOA, JBS set the tone for the upcoming sessions in the MDP in his address. He highlighted that one shall pick his/ her role model and try to imitate them which will lead to individual improvement as a leader. It was then followed by the address of honourable Vice Chancellor, JIIT, Noida, Prof. (Dr.) B. R. Mehta. He mentioned that training is an important and integral part of an individual's growth and shall be conducted for enhancing organizational functioning and effectiveness. The session ended with a vote of thanks. The inaugural session was anchored by Dr. Ruby S. Malhotra. 
The ice-breaking session was conducted by Dr. Shivani Kapoor and Prof. Misra setting the expectations of the participants from the program. 
Session 1 - was conducted by Prof. Rajnish K. Misra to establish links among competition, changing contexts and excellence followed by establishing the Role of leader in achieving success. 
Session 2- focused on Understanding self to identify the personality and leader attributes was conducted by Prof. Rajnish Kumar Misra. Session 3 – conducted by Dr. Shivani dealt with the importance of communication in a leadership role.