9th CDP- Research Methodology and Data Analysis

Dates and Duration: 10-15th July 2023

Research is not only critical to the economic and social development of society; it is also critical to the mission of any University or academic institution.  It is this research, which is the foundation for knowledge that makes possible much of the innovation and application that provides wider benefit. Research inculcates scientific and inductive thinking and it promotes the development of logical habits of thinking and organization. As Albert Einstein once remarked: "If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it?" A need is always felt in quality-committed institutions to train the faculty and researcher in advanced research methodology in a manner that results in authentic and high-quality research, which has impact on the society, culture and future endeavours. 

The present programme is designed to provide exposure to the participants on research problem formulation, application of appropriate research design and skills of data generation, data processing and statistical analysis at both, basic and advance level. This CDP is intended to sharpen teaching and research skills of teachers, researchers and trainers, so that they are able to publish their work in SCOPUS/WoS/ICI/UGC indexed journals. 

The CDP platform provided an opportunity to participants to share their problems in data handling and interpretation. The CDP was conducted in online mode with emphasis on both learning and practice sessions. 

Program Schedule



Resource Persons

DAY 1- 10 July

1000 – 1015 hrs

Inaugural Session

Vice Chancellor / Dean (A&R)

1015 – 1115 hrs

Introduction to Research and Research Philosophy

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra

1130- 1230 hrs

Research Proposal & Designs

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra

1230– 1330 hrs

Sampling Design

Dr. Garima Srivastav

1400 – 1700 hrs

Self-Practice: Research Proposal


DAY 2 – 11 July

1000 – 1115 hrs

Measurement and Scales - Questionnaire Development

Dr. Garima Srivastav

1145– 1300 hrs

Data Screening & Hypothesis Testing: Parametric Tests

Dr. Charu Sijoria

1415 – 1700 hrs

Self-Self-Practice: Questionnaire Development


DAY 3 – 12 July

1000 – 1115 hrs

Social Research: Issues and Challenges

Dr. A.V. Surya, CEO, Convergentviews (Research and Consulting Group)

1145– 1300 hrs

Hypothesis Testing: Non-Parametric Tests

Dr. Charu Sijoria

1415– 1530 hrs

Self-Practice: Hypothesis Testing: Non-Parametric Tests


1545 – 1700 hrs

Self-Practice: Hypothesis Testing: Parametric Tests


DAY 4 – 13 July 

1000 – 1115 hrs

Structured Equation Modelling - 1

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra

1145– 1300 hrs

Structured Equation Modelling - 2

Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra

1415-1600 hrs

Self-Practice: Structured Equation Modelling


DAY 5 – 14 July

1000 – 1130 hrs

Correlation and Regression Analysis

Dr. Vikas Bhatnagar

1145– 1300 hrs

EFA and CFA (Factor Analysis)

Dr. Garima Srivastav

1415 – 1530 hrs

Self-Practice: Regression Analysis Exercises


1545 – 1700 hrs

Self-Practice: Factor Analysis Exercises


Day 6 – 15 July

1000 – 1130

Report Writing – Copyright and Plagiarism

Dr. Divya Goel

1145 – 1215


Dr. Rajnish Kumar Misra