Seminar on - Prudent Financial Planning- Need of the Hour

Organizing Person – Mr G.K. Agarwal

Brief About the Activity

Life can't be valued with money but it surely is required to live one.

Financial planning is something that majority of us tend to ignore during good times. Its of paramount importance and is required when the troubled times hit us unexpectedly.

Today, team Kotak Life headed by Mr. Vivek Bharat along with his colleagues Mr. Akash Sharma, Ms. Rajshree Saha, Mr.Prakash Agarwal and Mr.Anuj visited @jbs noida with the intentions to impart the right knowledge into the aspiring MBA students regarding how valuable life is and how financial decisions such as buying life insurance or having a good financial plan can help us in our life and create a happy future. We, @jbs noida thank the whole Kotak Life team for their valuable time and a brilliant eyeopening session.