Marlise Karlin CEO/Founder of SOS Method® is a recognized mental health expert humanitarian activist author commentator and the creator of Concept Meditations.

Marlise Karlin, CEO/Founder of SOS Method®, is a recognized mental health expert, humanitarian activist, author, commentator, and the creator of Concept Meditations. Before becoming a successful entrepreneur, Marlise produced an Independent Spirit Award-winning film in Hollywood, was International Director of an NGO, and served as National Director for Break the Cycle. Her quest to discover solutions for stress, healthy living and empowerment stems from personal trauma. Unwilling to allow tragedy to dominate and direct her life, she decided to find an answer. Marlise studied with teachers from diverse fields for 25 years: masters of meditation from India, holistic experts from Japan, and leading Western scientists. This led her to develop Concept Meditations, a completely different approach to wellness that breaks the meditation mold and acts as an antidote for chronic stress. SOS Method® is modern meditation for the next generation. She will be speaking at JBS, Noida, on 26th November 2019.