JBS is grateful to have with us today MR. Sumit Soni for having addressed a session for the students of MBA, on the topic "DESIGN THINKING AND TRANSVERSAL THINKING".

In short the in-depth knowledge was provided to the students about design and business thinking and also about their comparison. His official association has been with Brand Raymond. He has been a Brand Director of Raymond before, where he worked towards conceiving and implementing business strategies to establish and build Raymond one among the top brand in ‘Ready to Wear Space’. With such a close association with the brand Raymond, he shared a case study on “PAST & PRESENT OF RAYMOND“ and discussed about building brands in an era of disruption. Mr. Sumit Soni, has been a brand leader with a proven track record of establishing businesses by building consumer centric brands, strong and distinct product architecture supporting brand positioning, disruptive and aggressive Go-To-Market strategies and highly engaged and motivated teams. Currently, he is working in the senior management positions at brands like Arvind, Airtel, Adidas and weekender and currently working as a management consultant to organizations for Business Transformation, Brand Management as well as visual merchandising.