MDP on Financial Analysis for Value Enhancing Decisions

Dates and Duration: 16th-18th November 2023

This MDP aims to enhance the analytical ability among the participants and the same in turn will lead to rational decision making. The Program has been designed to introduce various tools and techniques of financial management resulting in formal understanding of the subject that in turn will help the participating executives to make rational decisions. The participants will also be given exposure to the applications of information technology in the areas of the accounting & finance and development of Soft Skills.

The participants of this program were finance professionals from the companies IRCON, Kribhco and Indian Oil Corporation. Participation fee of the program was Rs.7500/- per participant.

Following sessions were held on day 1:

Cash Preservation to Cash Excellence session taken by Prof. Sunil Bhatia. He deliberated on  how to use today’s short-term crisis in cash preservation as an opportunity to focus on sustainable cash excellence, supported by a strong cash culture from top to bottom. A cash-focused culture across three dimensions— people, structure, and processes—is an important prerequisite for cash excellence.

Analysis of Financial statements for Strategic Management session was taken by Dr. Sweta Goel. The session helped participants to understand the financial statements and various elements of it. Ratio analysis was used to make the participants understand them. Different methods of computing EPS were also discussed.

Team Building session was by Prof. Rajnish Misra. He emphasised the importance of team building for an organization.  Management games and team building exercises were performed in the session.

Advanced Excel with Business Application for Finance Managers session was taken by Dr. Vishal Gupta where he taught advanced excel functions such as macros, analysis using excel, solver, pivot table, goal seek, and other functions which are useful in business settings and help in increasing efficiency.

The topics taken up of day 2 of the programme were:

Project appraisal, Management of time and Cost overruns in a Project session was taken by Prof. Sunil Bhatia. He discussed the importance of  capital investments when considering a project and the difficulties along with it. He also discussed the challenges in executing mega projects. Capital budgeting process, which entails planning, analysis, selection of projects, financing, implementation and review of projects were explained in detail. The reasons for Cost and Time overruns and the steps required for mitigating it were deliberated.

Finance for Decision Making- Key Considerations session was taken by Dr. Nikhil Yadav and Mr Utsav Agarwal, an Industry expert. Various types of financial decisions, and how to manage personal finances through savings, insurance and investment were explained. He also discussed setting financial goals for oneself and how to approach them confidently. Financial management decisions for business and their challenges were also discussed.

Challenges in Project Financing session taken by Prof.. Sunil Bhatia. He laid out differences between project finance and corporate finance and how to address the challenges that arise with project financing.. Financial assessment of a project and key challenges were discussed in detail.

Managing Stress for improving Personal and Professional Effectiveness The session was taken by Dr. Shivani Kapoor. She discussed the meaning and types of stress .. Symptoms of stress were discussed. The can be alleviated with awareness, Controlled reactions, creating affirmations and calming activities like breathing exercises. The participants were given PSS scores which shows level of stress.

On day 3, sessions were held on the topics of:

Contract Management- Problems and its mitigation session was taken by Prof. Sunil Bhatia. He explained what contract management is and discussed key tricky points to be kept in view while preparing  a tender. Key contract management issues were explained. Common shortcomings in pre-tender stage, tender stage and execution stage were highlighted. Finally, Prof. Bhatia gave some suggestions for financial concurrence of the Contracts.

Digital Vigilance: Understanding Cyber Fraud & Online Threats session was taken by Dr. Ridhima Bhanot. She highlighted the importance of staying vigilant in the digital world as both individuals and businesses could be subjected to cyber fraud. Online threats and dissonance can have a great impact on physical and mental well being of an individual and can harm the stability and longevity of a business.

Leadership and Motivation for Organizational Excellence session taken by Prof Sunil. Bhatia. He  highlighted the Role of Leadership in Creating & Sustaining a Culture of Excellence. Levels of employee engagement, principles of service excellence and challenges were discussed. Other topics which were discussed in the session included Ways to Create Customer Loyalty & Delight, Balancing Function with Purpose, Leadership Accountability Action Plan and decision making.

Following the delivery of sessions, the MDP was closed with distribution of certificates to the participants by the Faculty.