JBS Faculty

Name : Dr. S. Suresh
Qualifications : PGDM, IIM Calcutta , B.E., OsmaniaUniversity, Hyderabad, Ph.D, JIIT, Noida
Work Experience : 18 years
Research Interests : Marketing
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Dr. S. Suresh, an MBA from IIM Calcutta has more than two decades of experience in academic and corporate fields. Having worked with Godrej, NIIT and Birla Institute of Management Technology, he also provided Training Consultancy to Maruti and Hero Honda. He was the Chairperson of the first National Conference on Social Media and E Marketing held at JBS. As a member of Jaypee Innovation and Entrepreneurial Centre (JIEC), he chairs the JBS Entrepreneurship area and coordinates Ministry of MSME and JBS workshops on Entrepreneurship Skills.



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